Thursday, October 23, 2014


Students in Mrs. Pickle's classes are reviewing for an upcoming test over "The Outsiders" with the help of Kahoot.     Mrs.  Pickle put in a serious of questions that would help the students remember key points and themes from the novel.    As a question comes up on the screen,  students are challenged to earn the most points possible by being the first right answer.   The right answer is then displayed along with how many students answered each choice.   This is a prefect opportunity for the teacher to clear up any misunderstandings and answer any questions as they prepare for the test.

Mrs. Pickle is not the only teacher on campus using this web tool to help prepare students.  Mr. Lucas' classes used this recently to review science concepts.    Using this tool keeps students engaged and learning throughout the class period.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sharing the Information!

The teachers at Ridgeview are getting creative in how they are sharing information and resources with students.  Recently in the United States History classes the teachers created a Thinglink that explained the famous engraving of the Boston Massacre and helped students explore the events leading up to and following this historic event.

In our Next Generation Digital Classroom  Ms. Raph and Mrs. Allen are grouping resources using Blendspace to allow students to work through the websites at their own pace and at the same time sharpen their math skills.

Mr. Clark's World Cultures classes are exploring Europe with the help of Symbaloo - an easy way to visually organize the links they will need to learn the material.

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