Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Science Uses Technology

Working with online simulations helps student better understand concepts being taught in their science classes.  Students in several science classes today used the website, Explore Learning,  to examine the structure of an atom in 8th grade and the concepts of friction in 7th grade.  As they went through the simulations students were asked to record their observations and draw conclusions on what they were observing.

Explaining the Math

Students in Ms. Burton's algebra class used the Flip cameras to record tutorial videos explaining how to find the area of a traingle and of a trapezoid.  The students were to videotape a paper triangle or trapazoid and explain the math behind the formulas.  These videos were then shared with other math classes for help ni learning these skills.  Some of the videos are below.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moodling in Sixth Grade

World Cultures students got their first taste of Moodle this week as they logged in and began completing assignments for class.  Sixth grade students will be working in Moodle all year for several of their classes.
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