Monday, September 30, 2013

Food Webs in 7th Grade Science

Science students in 7th grade are making food webs to demonstrate their understanding of the food chain and all the interconnected parts.  After conducting research and gathering notes, students are mapping out the web with the help of Inspiration software.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Google Apps for Education is now available to Students!

During the month of September students were introduced to their new RRISD google account.  Students now can use this account to email staff members, access Google Drive to create and store documents as well as other apps from the Chrome Education store.   All the students came into the Lab and worked with Mrs. Young to log into their accounts, learn about their email, and to set up folders to help keep their Google drive organized.  They shared the folders for each class with the teacher who teaches the class so they can turn in assignments that way.

To access their account students need to go to:

Enter in their email address:   (###### = their student ID number)
Password:  Is the same they use for the computers at school.

Teachers and students will be exploring these new accounts this year and learning new ways to collaborate and create.

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