Friday, September 26, 2014

MakerSpace meets Science

Wednesday, during Enrichment Clusters, 180 6th grade students  choose to join Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Young in the library to explore the conductivity of elements as they built game controllers with the help of Makey Makey kits.  Makey Makey connects to the computer and uses alligator clips to turn everyday objects into computer keys that will control what is happening on screen.  Students worked in teams of four to explore how to create circuits that could be open or closed based on the need of the game.    Items used to create these controllers included bananas, apples, celery, carnations, potatoes, paper clips, french fries, pipe cleaners and carrots.   Excitement filled the room as students discovered how to create a closed circuit and control the game on screen.   This activity will also be repeated Thursday after school for over 60 kids from all 3 grade levels.

This is the first MakerSpace event Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Young are planning to host this year.   Makerspace is a educational movement that emphasizes the need for students to built and create to learn.   The next event will be in October and will focus on constructing roller coasters.

Here is the lesson and resources used in today's event:

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