Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Andrew Jackson - Hero?

That was the question students in Mrs. Collins US History class were asked to answer in the form of an online digital poster with the help of smore.com.   Here are a few of the student's projects:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Texting Students - Remind 101

With the district's open policy on Bring Your Own Devices this year the teachers on campus have been looking for ways to take advantage of the technology the students already own.  One of those ways has been to use Remind 101.   Remind 101 is a texting service that allows teachers to "safely text message students and stay in touch with parents."   Students and parents sign up for the service (which can include emails or texts) by texting into the subscription number.   All phone numbers are kept confidential and all texts are recorded in the program's history.

Mrs. Billings, Mrs. Rutherford uses it for her science class to remind students about important dates and tests.   Ms. Salazar's says that " It is working quite well because I have students remembering to turn in homework, permission slips, and school events. Parents have caught on, subscribed to my text feed, and help remind their kids. I like that you can schedule a time to send the text without visiting the site too."    Mr. Alexander also puts bonus questions out to students to encourage them to stay in touch.  Mrs. Gibson uses it with her clubs as well as her classroom to remind the students about meetings and share information.   Ms. Pfluger says " I am taking 43 students to UT next Wednesday for an engineering event.  I have setup a Remind 101 to update students on what to plan for, and will use it onsite to make sure we all know where to be.  Great since the app is on my phone!"

Ms. East found Remind 101 this summer through Pinterest and has been using it all year to remind students to bring specific supplies to class, or " If I receive lots of homework questions through email or catch a mistake on the homework.  I will send out a remind 101 text clarifying the homework issue.  I also use it to remind my advisory when report cards and progress reports are due.  I may start sending advisory texts about Wednesday's dress up days, too!"   One of the features she likes most is that you can schedule the texts to go out ahead of time.

Check with your classroom teacher to see if they are using Remind101 to stay in touch.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mrs. Collins' Classes Make Smores!

Students in Mrs. Collin's US History class are sharing what they know about Andrew Jackson by creating smores that explain if Jackson was a "hero" or a "villain."  Students are using class notes and DBQ resources to make their case as well as searching the internet for images and movies that help make their point.   Final products will be shared when available.  Several other history classes will be completing this project as well in the coming weeks.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Students in Motion

Students in Mr. Alexander's class are learning about velocity  Venier Motion Sensors.  Students were taught to use the motion detectors and then mapped various motions included walking at various speeds and riding a bicyle.  The results were mapped on the Go Motion devices and were later analyzed by the students in class.

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