Thursday, December 19, 2013

French Class

This past December, in French, students took a quiz online in the lab, listening to a recording of the teacher on the website podomatic.  This allowed students to review at their own pace before taking the quiz, versus in the classroom where they must take the listening section as a class.  This also allowed the teacher an opportunity for differentiation, instructing challenged students to pause and re-play as necessary.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What if You Designed the Next Hunger Games?

8th grade students were asked to write a persuasive letter based on their class novel study of the Hunger Games.  They used Google Docs to write the letter, which allowed the teachers to check on their progress and leave comments on how to improve their writing as they were working on the project.  They also created a muttation, a suggested combination of two animals to be added to the next installment of the Hunger Games for the Capital.   Students used PowerPoint to combine photos of animals into a new creature and then created an online multimedia presentation about their mutation using Smore.

Here are a few student samples of their muttations:

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