Friday, March 21, 2014

Science Review with Kahoot!

The excitement in Mr. Sralla's room was evident as students reviewed for an upcoming unit test on Plate Tectonics.   Using Kahoot students try to be the first person to answer correctly to get the most points.  They quickly lowered their laptop screens so no one else could see their answers to try to get the most points possible.   All students were highly engaged in this activity and Mr. Sralla took the opportunity after each question to clear up misconceptions and examine why they might have chosen the wrong answers.   Walking around the room the students were talking to each other about why they chose the wrong answer or why they got it right. This video is a small snipet of the activity today.

Human Body Systems in Science

Students in Ms. Billing's room were learning about different body systems through an online presentation and Brainpop videos.   In addition to checking on the students notes they took from the resources that were shared, Ms. Billings checked for understanding  as she had students composes a paper tweet about what they had learned or what questions they still had about what had been studied.  In Ms. Filary's room students learned about the respiratory system by examining a website and answering questions on a handout.

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